Accounting being a general hub for business transactions is integrated with partner

Accounting systems. The accounting features include:
  1. Book-keeping
  2. Cash Management
  3. Accounts Receivable
  4. Accounts Payable
  5. Multi currency handling
  6. Scheduling of payments for effective cash flow management
Partnered with Sage Accounting

GAPOS Retail System

GAPOS Retail System driving your business further

GAPOS system for retail have the following benefits:
  1. GAPOS allows product scanning and automated cash drawer facilities for retail outlets
  2. GAPOS is automated and reduces paper work effectively
  3. Manages bar codes, EAN numbers and updates stocks for delivery to retail outlets
  4. Auto uploads to back office the sales and audit figures and made available at Head Office for managers
  5. Multilevel security

Seams Masterprint ERP Printing Software

Seams Masterprint ERP printing software, is a software specialised for the printing industry. Printing of books, food packaging, labels printing, printing on metal etc are the categories this software has been designed for.

The printing activities that includes, Embossing, Binding, Printing, Glueing, Die cut  etc. are managed through the Seams Masterprint ERP printing software. 

Seams Masterprint ERP printing software, helps the printers to utilise the equipments in operation at all levels, creating quotations, meeting delivery schedules, manages multiple jobs, tracks the product processes for assurance, that the finished product meets the client satisfaction. Every aspect of production is managed through the Seams Masterprint ERP printing software.

Seams Masterprint ERP printing software supports complete business methods from price estimating costing, quotation, order confirmation to the automated generation of job cards and profitability of the jobs. Seams Masterprint ERP printing software for printing business covers a large variety of print and packaging applications and it’s specifically designed to alter and standardise processes across various locations and supports multi-currency transactions

You can estimate a pre-quotation cost accounting sheet as it takes away a lot of  time that requires accuracy,

Printing details that covers dimension of the paper and finished products, number of ups, raw material inputs like paper, board, ink with the printing processes  is accepted through the system for cost calculation and profit % derived once jobs are completed

Seams Masterprint ERP printing software allows sub-contracting to external parties from work order to special material used from alternative sources to costing and receipts.

Finished Goods can be tracked to the Lot or Batch Number for internal Quality Control to provide quality assurance. Rejection by customers are traced via rejection reasons, corrective steps taken for improved management of production and quality management 

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